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    Chris Pennington

    The Power of Family Routines
    The Power of Family Routines Chris Pennington

    The job of parenting is overwhelming. How exactly do you raise a child to love, honor, know, and cherish God with all his heart, soul, and mind? In my family we’ve found faithfully sticking to a few simple practices each day shapes our home in ways that grand plans never can. In short, we’ve seen God begin to build our home through our ordinary, daily practices.

    Do Dads Need Friends?
    Do Dads Need Friends? Chris Pennington

    Making friends as an adult is hard—especially as men. It’s tempting to withdraw or have only surface friendships. But God made us social beings and wants us to draw into a community, to develop healthy male friendships.

    A Very Old Testament Christmas
    A Very Old Testament Christmas Chris Pennington

    For centuries, God’s people longed for the coming of Messiah. As the Christmas promises multiplied, so did the anticipation. This year, turn the whole month into a season of preparation to make the dawning of Christmas morning about more than presents in your home.

    Faith Is Not Blind
    Faith Is Not Blind Chris Pennington

    As a Christian dad, how you think and talk about faith carries heightened importance because your conception of faith will filter down to your children. The Bible constantly encourages us to have faith in God because he is trustworthy. God wants us to express this kind of honoring faith to him.

    Be True to Yourself
    Be True to Yourself Chris Pennington

    Our environment shapes the way we process and interpret life. Perhaps no message is more regularly communicated than, “Be true to yourself.” As Christian dads, we must be on guard and counter these powerful cultural assumptions with Bible truth.