Spiritual Growth

The First 30 Seconds of Your Day
The First 30 Seconds of Your Day John Pate

It’s easy for dads to roll out of bed and stumble toward the mountain of tasks and problems that await us without asking our heavenly Father for help. But, amazingly, He invites us to start our day with a heart-felt morning cry.

When Dad Gets Stressed
When Dad Gets Stressed Chris Lynch

This isn’t news to anybody: dads get stressed! Life is full, and our response to busyness, difficulty, and changed plans affects our families for good or bad. Here are some simple but powerful truths from God’s Word with which we can fill our minds—truths that can both grow us as dads and foster biblical responses in those we lead.

Have These Household Items Become Household Idols?
Have These Household Items Become Household Idols? John Pate

When the pressures and uncertainties of family life begin to mount, it is all too easy to look to regular household items to do what only God can do. Here are two household items that can easily become idols. How can we return these “household idols” back to their proper place?

When God Says “No”
When God Says “No” Guest: Paul Whitt

How should you respond when God says, “No”? What do you do when you have more questions than answers and God seems silent? God invites you to run to him, to talk with him, to submit to him, and to rest. Hope in God, for He is salvation!