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    Spiritual Growth

    Lessons from Boaz for Dads
    Lessons from Boaz for Dads Brett Stowe

    Boaz is an example of biblical manhood, demonstrating gentle care, firm protection, and intentional responsibility. His example calls us to follow our Savior's example and sacrificially care for those God has entrusted to us.

    Accepting God Given Limitations
    Accepting God Given Limitations Kristopher Schaal

    All of us live with limitations. We have health limitations, financial limitations, time limitations, energy limitations, talent limitations, family limitations, house limitations, job limitations, and the list goes on and on.We can try to muscle through our limitations in pride, or we can accept them in humility as good gifts from God.

    Does God Want Me Near Him After I Sin?
    Does God Want Me Near Him After I Sin? John Pate

    Dads need grace to help in time of need. But there’s a problem. Our sin keeps us from being able to draw near to God. The Old Testament book of Leviticus presents an amazing truth: God has made a way for even sinful people like us to draw near to God.