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    Breaking Down Fights
    Breaking Down Fights John Pate

    Fights are often a common occurrence in family life. Is there any way to not have to be constantly breaking up fights? James 4 gets to the bottom of family feuds, and gives us a solution that moves beyond “breaking up” fights to “breaking down” fights.

    The First 30 Seconds of Your Day
    The First 30 Seconds of Your Day John Pate

    It’s easy for dads to roll out of bed and stumble toward the mountain of tasks and problems that await us without asking our heavenly Father for help. But, amazingly, He invites us to start our day with a heart-felt morning cry.

    Clear Instructions for Fathers
    Clear Instructions for Fathers Guest: Todd Curtis

    Growing fathers can often feel uncertain about how we are to go about parenting our children. Thankfully, God has provided clear and powerful instructions in His Word. Guest writer Todd Curtis, a father of four grown children who are faithfully following Christ, points fathers to God’s clear instructions.

    Dads and Authority Part 2
    Dads and Authority Part 2 Kristopher Schaal

    One of my least-favorite responsibilities as a dad is disciplining my children. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather just feed them ice cream, play games, and wrestle all day long! However, there are many biblical reasons why it is essential that we train our kids to obey.