Family Fun Gods Way
Family Fun Gods Way Chris Lynch

We as husbands and fathers are called to lead in how our families prioritize and pursue recreation. God’s Word has valuable truths to communicate about this topic, so family fun provides us with a wonderful opportunity to lead biblically.

Stop Trying to Be a Good Dad
Stop Trying to Be a Good Dad John Pate

What does it mean to be a good dad? And should being good be our goal? In the story of the rich young official in Luke 18, Jesus helps to clear up some misunderstanding surrounding that little word, “good.”

Fatherhood as a Daily Passion
Fatherhood as a Daily Passion Guest: Jeremy Howard

Many Christian resources exist that instruct fathers what to do and say with their children, but a man must first find a true passion for the relationship itself if he is to be effective. If a father lacks a godly desire for his own children, no method of parenting will ever bear true fruit.

Legacy Lessons from Grandpa Wright
Legacy Lessons from Grandpa Wright Caleb French

As my Grandpa Wright’s ordinary life nears its end, I am struck by the extraordinary legacy of godliness he leaves behind. How? What virtues of Christ were visible in him? Who must I be now, by God’s grace, if I want to reach the end of my life with the same legacy of godliness? Here’s an edifying personal reflection on my grandfather’s life, near its end.