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    Breaking Down Fights
    Breaking Down Fights John Pate

    Fights are often a common occurrence in family life. Is there any way to not have to be constantly breaking up fights? James 4 gets to the bottom of family feuds, and gives us a solution that moves beyond “breaking up” fights to “breaking down” fights.

    Fatherhood as a Daily Passion
    Fatherhood as a Daily Passion Guest: Jeremy Howard

    Many Christian resources exist that instruct fathers what to do and say with their children, but a man must first find a true passion for the relationship itself if he is to be effective. If a father lacks a godly desire for his own children, no method of parenting will ever bear true fruit.

    Father, Honor Your Son and Daughter
    Father, Honor Your Son and Daughter John Dalrymple

    Many Christian parents hold Ephesians 6:1-2 in their back pocket ready to whip out at any time to remind their children how they must honor and obey. But what does God say about the way we must treat our children? Does the Bible actually instruct us to honor our kids?