Clay Gibbons and family

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Clay Gibbons

London, England

I grew up on a farm in rural North Carolina. I became a Christian around 7 years old after hearing the gospel preached at a VBS. The Lord was working in our family. The pastor of that church shared the gospel with my parents and they too became believers and led our family to join that church.

We started attending regularly and I became involved in youth ministries of the church. As I was finishing high school the Lord began to burden my heart for ministry and I attended Bob Jones University. After my freshman year, I met my wife Danielle and we dated for 3 years and were married in 2008. We stayed in Greenville for 4 more years until I finished my M. Div. During that time we joined Cornerstone Baptist Church and the Lord blessed us with our daughter, Eloise.

After Seminary the Lord began to burden our hearts for missions and we joined the Gospel Fellowship Association in Greenville, SC with plans to work in the UK. After 5 years of raising support and a few more children, in 2018 we moved to west London and began working with Salem Baptist Church in Hayes End. I served there as the assistant Pastor until 2023 when the Lord burdened our heart of another ministry. In April of 2023, we moved to England, where we have served as missionaries since.

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