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    Five Questions to Ask Your Wife
    Five Questions to Ask Your Wife John Dalrymple

    If you want to lead your family well, love your wife. If you want to love your wife well, take time to ask her intentional questions about her heart and your marriage. Here are five starter questions to regularly ask your wife so you can lead her, love her, and care for her well.

    The Power of Family Routines
    The Power of Family Routines Chris Pennington

    The job of parenting is overwhelming. How exactly do you raise a child to love, honor, know, and cherish God with all his heart, soul, and mind? In my family we’ve found faithfully sticking to a few simple practices each day shapes our home in ways that grand plans never can. In short, we’ve seen God begin to build our home through our ordinary, daily practices.

    What Makes My Child Who He Is?
    What Makes My Child Who He Is? Kristopher Schaal

    Many Christian parents are looking for a formula to ensure that their children trust Christ as Savior and please Him with their lives. Unfortunately, such a formula doesn’t exist. You must work and pray to the end that your children know and faithfully follow God. This is the work of shepherding your child’s heart. In order to do this work, you must understand that your children are the products of two things: shaping influences and Godward orientation.

    Do As I Do
    Do As I Do Kristopher Schaal

    Why doesn’t the slogan, “Do as I say, not as I do” ever work with your kids? Because often when it comes to parenting, “actions speak louder than words.” If you are going to effectively disciple your children, they need to see that YOU walk with God!