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    What Should I Expect From My Teenager?
    What Should I Expect From My Teenager? Chris Lynch

    Western society, by and large, expects the teen years to be ones fraught with immaturity, listlessness and wasted time. This perspective on adolescence has permeated Christian homes as well. But we as dads, parents, and fellow church members need to ask this question: what are God’s expectations for Christian teens?

    Teachable Moments
    Teachable Moments Guest: Ron Perry

    Teaching your children is a 24-hour God-given responsibility but the atmosphere is not always conducive for a formal time of instruction. How do you create natural teaching times with your kids or identify those moments that are best for communicating with them? Ron Perry gives very practical advice for dads about creating, finding, and seizing teachable moments.

    Be True to Yourself
    Be True to Yourself Chris Pennington

    Our environment shapes the way we process and interpret life. Perhaps no message is more regularly communicated than, “Be true to yourself.” As Christian dads, we must be on guard and counter these powerful cultural assumptions with Bible truth.