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    Dads, Build a Bird Feeder
    Dads, Build a Bird Feeder Guest: Rand Hummel

    Dads, take Christ’s illustration in Matthew 6:26 to heart and… build a bird feeder! Go bird watching with your children. Watch how God protects and provides for each little creature. Thank God for His protection and provision in the life of your family. Both your stress and the seemingly little anxieties of your children will be impacted.

    Accepting God Given Limitations
    Accepting God Given Limitations Kristopher Schaal

    All of us live with limitations. We have health limitations, financial limitations, time limitations, energy limitations, talent limitations, family limitations, house limitations, job limitations, and the list goes on and on.We can try to muscle through our limitations in pride, or we can accept them in humility as good gifts from God.

    Teachable Moments
    Teachable Moments Guest: Ron Perry

    Teaching your children is a 24-hour God-given responsibility but the atmosphere is not always conducive for a formal time of instruction. How do you create natural teaching times with your kids or identify those moments that are best for communicating with them? Ron Perry gives very practical advice for dads about creating, finding, and seizing teachable moments.

    Entertainment, the Bible, and Your Kids (Part 1)
    Entertainment, the Bible, and Your Kids (Part 1) Chris Lynch

    Our children are constantly exposed to and pursuing various forms of entertainment. We have an opportunity as dads to direct them to the perfect guide that can help them think through and wisely consume all forms of entertainment. Let’s go to God’s wonderful Word to find truths and principles that can guide our kids’ entertainment choices.