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    Chris Lynch

    Resource Review Family Worship Series
    Resource Review Family Worship Series Chris Lynch

    For families who want to grow together in both their likeness to Christ and the knowledge of his truth, time in God’s Word together is essential. The Family Worship Series presented by Bible Visuals International is an excellent resource to lead your elementary-age children in this daily learning.

    Family Fun Gods Way
    Family Fun Gods Way Chris Lynch

    We as husbands and fathers are called to lead in how our families prioritize and pursue recreation. God’s Word has valuable truths to communicate about this topic, so family fun provides us with a wonderful opportunity to lead biblically.

    Book Review the Ology
    Book Review the Ology Chris Lynch

    Fathers bear the ultimate responsibility to raise their children according to the Bible (Eph. 6:4)! Thankfully, there are numerous tools available that can help us. Let me introduce you to a resource that accomplishes just that: The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New by Marty Machowski.

    When Dad Gets Stressed
    When Dad Gets Stressed Chris Lynch

    This isn’t news to anybody: dads get stressed! Life is full, and our response to busyness, difficulty, and changed plans affects our families for good or bad. Here are some simple but powerful truths from God’s Word with which we can fill our minds—truths that can both grow us as dads and foster biblical responses in those we lead.

    Entertainment, the Bible, and Your Kids (Part 1)
    Entertainment, the Bible, and Your Kids (Part 1) Chris Lynch

    Our children are constantly exposed to and pursuing various forms of entertainment. We have an opportunity as dads to direct them to the perfect guide that can help them think through and wisely consume all forms of entertainment. Let’s go to God’s wonderful Word to find truths and principles that can guide our kids’ entertainment choices.