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Chris Lynch

Greenville, SC

I grew up at a Christian camp in North Carolina, and from as early as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by the teaching of God’s Word and impacted by amazing Christlike servants who pointed me to him constantly through their words and lives. My earliest clear memory is my dad leading me to Christ at the age of five. Through the ongoing influence of my parents and other godly influences, I grew in my love for Christ and my interest in studying his Word. My camp surroundings also fostered in me a burden for young people in particular.

Even though I battled through some inwardly rebellious teen years, I never wavered in sensing that burden. Since graduating from seminary in 2010, I’ve blessed to be able to serve as an assistant pastor in South Carolina with a particular emphasis on the youth and on church-wide edification. I met my wife Laura at camp, and since our marriage in 2007 we have been blessed with two permanent and energetic campers in our home, Patrick and Kinley. It is a supreme privilege to be their dad, and I am grateful for the daily grace given to direct them to our great God and Savior!"

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