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    How to Keep Christmas
    How to Keep Christmas Caleb French

    Did God invent Christmas? The modern-day Christmas festival, like most such cultural phenomena, is a confusing mishmash of elements and influences. How should fathers sort out and celebrate this holiday “Christianly” with their families?

    Is There Peace on Earth?
    Is There Peace on Earth? John Dalrymple

    “Peace on earth” may seem more like a seasonal sentiment than a cultural reality in 2020. Tensions are high in our country and sometimes in our own homes and hearts. How can we find true peace today for ourselves and for our families?

    Nurture Your Family’s Wonder
    Nurture Your Family’s Wonder Guest: Tim Lovegrove

    Our capacity or lack of capicity to wonder has very serious spiritual implications. As dads, we need both to model a spirit of wonder as well as nurture it in our families. In the process, you’ll be preparing your family for the day of all days, that day when Jesus comes again to be marveled at among all who have believed. (2 Thessalonians 1:10).

    A Very Old Testament Christmas
    A Very Old Testament Christmas Chris Pennington

    For centuries, God’s people longed for the coming of Messiah. As the Christmas promises multiplied, so did the anticipation. This year, turn the whole month into a season of preparation to make the dawning of Christmas morning about more than presents in your home.