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How Do I Delight in God’s Word?
How Do I Delight in God’s Word? John Pate

Believing dads love their Bibles. All too often, however, other appetites displace our delight in God’s Word. In this article, we’ll take a look at a psalm devoted to the topic of delight and ask, “How do we grow our delight in God’s Word?” Psalm 1 provides a three-part blueprint for dads who love the Bible but want to love it more.

God, Give Me A New Teenager! (Part 1)
God, Give Me A New Teenager! (Part 1) Andy Gleiser

How do you get your teenager to behave in a manner pleasing to God? How do you help him or her grow into a committed disciple of Jesus Christ? According the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:17–32, you must begin with the gospel. New birth produces new behavior.

Who Is Love?—And Do You Know Him
Who Is Love?—And Do You Know Him John Pate

When we try to love our families and fall short, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. Where can we find a true, reliable source of love? The Bible tells us that there is only one person who can enable us to love our children. This article takes a closer look at Him and His amazing love for our families.

What Is Love—And Do You Have It?
What Is Love—And Do You Have It? John Pate

Nearly every dad has experienced an innate love and care for his children. Sometimes, however, the going gets tough, and love is tested. How do you know if you really love your children like God desires? In 1 Corinthians 13:4–8, Paul gives us a picture of how God describes love.

Clear Instructions for Fathers
Clear Instructions for Fathers Guest: Todd Curtis

Growing fathers can often feel uncertain about how we are to go about parenting our children. Thankfully, God has provided clear and powerful instructions in His Word. Guest writer Todd Curtis, a father of four grown children who are faithfully following Christ, points fathers to God’s clear instructions.

Is There Peace on Earth?
Is There Peace on Earth? John Dalrymple

“Peace on earth” may seem more like a seasonal sentiment than a cultural reality in 2020. Tensions are high in our country and sometimes in our own homes and hearts. How can we find true peace today for ourselves and for our families?

A Very Old Testament Christmas
A Very Old Testament Christmas Chris Pennington

For centuries, God’s people longed for the coming of Messiah. As the Christmas promises multiplied, so did the anticipation. This year, turn the whole month into a season of preparation to make the dawning of Christmas morning about more than presents in your home.